Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Arch - Y Bwa

Now the new year is in full swing and health wise I am feeling much better, it's time to catch up. It has been very hard lately trying to keep inspired, when feeling terrible. The weather has also been bad, constant rain, so not good to go out with a sketchbook. Such a shame we've had no snow, just rain. But I still have work from the October journal at Cymystwyth Arch so I will post some now. 

Cladonia Lichen Studies
Autumn Sketchbook studies from near Cwmystwyth Arch; Bilberry, Sycamore Leaf with tar spot, Amethyst Deceiver and some Polystichum moss.
A study of the Arch in Daniel Smiths watercolours- mainly Moonglow, Green apatite and serpentine; I really love the Primatek range for landscape studies
The Arch- Y Bwa was built by Thomas Johnes of the Hafod Estate in 1810. 
I love this place so much, it has an aura about it and a good place to sketch. But unfortunately on my last visit I was sad to see that a lot of trees had been felled and the place looked a bit like a bombsite. Two huge conifers that were growing near to the arch were felled; this upset me most of all as they hosted a great diversity of fungi in autumn. I understand that a lot of larches have to be felled as the Phytophthora ramorum disease takes hold in this area but these trees were not larches, (I think Spruces), but I'm sure (hope) there's good reason for it. Anyway, it will all grow back in time into native heath and woodland. 
Larch woodlands are beautiful and a favourite of mine. These delicate trees allow light to penetrate under the canopy and so other plants flourish beneath them, unlike some other conifers plantations, which create dense dark woods.They are deciduous, so in Autumn they scatter russet needles and leave a carpet of glowing colour. Very sad to see so many being felled due to the disease in this area.

I've made a few more mini concertina books and have them for sale on my Etsy shop, a link is in the right hand column.

I hope to start painting soon, it's been a few weeks with no painting so I think I've had enough of a break, well OK, artist block!

Keep inspired and happy painting.