Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Nearly Christmas again.

Christmas is drawing ever closer again and I seriously feel like hibernating at this time of year, to wake up rejuvenated in spring,( and 5 years younger would be great!!). 
The SBA Palmengarten exhibition in Frankfurt ,Germany was a great success and is now finished so I have been on a road trip to Sussex to collect some unsold paintings. I sold my painting of the Dandelion Clock too, great news for me and my bank manager!
 So I've not been painting much lately, just experimenting with handmade papers. I really like the look of natural objects against a patterned background, like the effect with the coffee staining. Recently I have painted a Scarlet Tiger moth on natural handmade paper, I love this sort of vintage,old look.

I decided to make some cards too and out of interest they are for sale on my website now.

Thanks for looking in on this blog and have a great Christmas and new year.