Monday, 21 July 2014

Elan Valley Exhibition

Time has come round so quickly and my exhibition at Elan Valley, Powys is here again. 
I have 42 paintings hanging in total now and I have sold one today so I'm pleased. No surprises that it was a gouache piece that was sold,they are always the most popular. The weather is lovely and quite humid, but I sat and drew foxgloves, wood sage and bell flowers as it was quiet. I've decided to paint my Year in the Welsh oak woods painting again as I really miss having this as a centerpiece since it was sold at the SBA show in London. I did not get it scanned or anything so I have no choice but to do it again!
Here's a few pictures of the exhibition.

Below is a view of my drive to the exhibition, over the mountain road with stunning scenery.

And below are some views of the amazing Victorian architecture of the dams at Elan.

If you find yourself in Wales anytime from now until the 1st of August, why not come and visit.