Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nearly there

Getting very excited and nervous now about the imminent exhibition. I have hanging equipment for 17 frames and the rest (16 of them) are cellophane wrapped with mounts. They are to be hung or attached with velcro strips to grey exhibition boards. The hanging equipment are screen hook anchors specially designed for the boards and I got them from a company called who were very efficient. We'll see how well it looks and functions soon!
I have also sorted out note cards, greetings cards, A3 ,A4 and A5 prints of some of the paintings to sell while there.
 The big Welsh Oak woodlands painting is finished now, what a labour of love! A whole year to complete. I think I like it but I am still waiting for a frame for it which has been promised to get to me tomorrow morning in time for setting up!
Lastly I have been painting a merlin falcon but I didn't manage to finish it for the exhibition so I've cropped it here.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Getting ready

Its been a long time since my last post; time just flies by quicker each year I'm sure.
Lately I have been busy with the preparation of my first solo exhibition which is starting on 26th of October in the Elan Valley in Powys. It is only on for the week and is finishing with a craft fair which should be fun. I'll have a table set up where I can do demos for people passing by.That'll be nerve racking!

I have been working on a large painting entitled ' A year in the Welsh oak woods'. It is still unfinished as I am working on the autumn section now and have been working on this for nearly the whole year. I'm hoping I have it finished in time for 26th of October for Elan and I'm hoping that I like it!!
This is it so far.
Other paintings that I have completed are Seashore Treasures, from pieces that I have collected over the years from Ynyslas beach near Aberystwyth.

The painting below is called 'Day Flyers'. I went on a one day moth course back in summer and got well and truly hooked on these beautiful creatures. We had many to study and photograph in a moth trap, some with dazzling gold and copper patterns. These three below are moths that I had found in Ynyslas sand dunes.  The top one; the six spot burnet is very common in any flower rich meadows where they lay their eggs on birds foot trefoil.
I also painted this Tawny owl. I went to an owl sanctuary and couldn't resist as he was so cute. Unfortunately though he was blind in one eye.

Lastly I'll post some sketches that I did while on holiday in France in August. I was camping in a place called 'La Foret de Cognac' and then also in Monbahus. Saw so many gorgeous butterflies and moths. Below right is a scarce swallowtail; beautiful and quite large, they glided on the breeze like kites and collected around the hilltops so were easy to find. I loved all the meadows filled with wild carrot and chicory, buzzing with wildlife. I also liked the way the farming fields were laid out in mosaics;from  hazelnut plantations and maize to damson orchards and towering sunflowers and always edged with wild flowers verges.