Thursday, 25 April 2013

Latest work

I have made some necklaces with resin and dried daisies- a change from painting! They are ok for a first try and I really like them( have been wearing one).

Heres a sketch of a frilly parrot tulip - the first to open in the garden, with a bulb. I found it difficult to get the red hue right and was using winsor red,winsor red deep, and cadium red.

Red Marsh Orchids, old and new paintings, the macro view is a new one. This red is painted using Schminke permanent carmine(PR19) and W/N permanent alizarin, with touches of perylene violet.

Pyramidal orchids with a six spot burnet moth, Euphrasia and common milkwort. This is a reworked painting from last summer.

                                    This spring collection is a rework of many old paintings.