Thursday, 24 January 2013

Feathers and Butterflies

I love finding feathers and have a small stash of them. On the left is a buzzards feather, then a Jays and a greater spotted woodpecker. I have seen many of these birds around lately and many lapwings in the fields, hunting food.
Above is a study of butterflies and their caterpillar food plants.
Common blue with birdsfoot trefoil,
orange tip with ladies smock and
dark green fritillary with a common violet.
Next I'll be working on a large painting of species to be found in a Welsh upland oakwood. All these are for the exhibition at Elan.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day

Here's a couple of looser paintings made with large brushes and no drawing, just very wet paper and colours for autumn and winter scenes. Really enjoyed painting like this.

I've been drawing birds with pen lately; here's a jay and a singing wren. I prefer birds drawn in graphite or pen rather than painted, but the added strokes of blue on the jays feathers added some colour.

 We've had a snow day here in Wales today so no school or work. Very,very cold but idyllic. Just as long as you don't have to drive!

Finally here's another red kite with a better background than before.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Forest Lights

I have just published a forest photography and poetry book. Here's a link for the book self published via Blurb. The photos are taken by me and some of the poems are mine but I have added poems by famous authors like Byron aswell. I thoroughly recommend self publishing and have found it slightly addictive!!So I will write another one with paintings next time.