Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Cherry

Finished the cherry blossom gouache today, after 35 hours spent on it. Have enjoyed it though and quite pleased with it; gouache is a love, hate medium for me.
 Now I ought to do some more transparent watercolours as its quite easy to get out of practise, but I'm waiting for the wild orchids to come out.

The SBA exhibition in London is in full swing now but I cannot go as work is too busy (and the expence!)
My friend Alena took a photo of the paintings for me though *thank you*and I've sold one, the Iris gouache.

They are the 3 down the left and the 2 in the middle. Not sure I should have put the Gladiolis in as I'm not keen on the composition, should of curved them somehow. However this plant is very stiff by nature and so portrayed truly.
If you can get to the exhibition its very worthwhile and inspirational.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Cherry Blossom

I have been working on a painting of cherry blossom, mainly the mornings as I work most evenings. I actually have a night off tonight, so I've time to update the blog!
This is so far- 14 hours in. Its quite engrossing and I'm enjoying it so far but struggling with some bits too. The white paint can be troublesome to apply.

Here are the colours I've used so far, only 6 and white.

Its also the run up to the SBA exhibition with the private view on Thursday. I'm still not sure if I can make it due to work, got some large bookings coming up. I hope I can make it as so many lovely people are meeting up there.

While working on my painting yesterday, I looked up through the velux window and noticed that I had an onlooker; a beautiful Jay.    Happy sunday xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Its been a really busy Easter weekend at work but enjoyable and not too stressful; with lots of lovely customers. Its a shame that the weather wasn't as nice.It's gone from heatwave to arctic but now has stabilized into typical April showers.

I made my mum some book-marks for mothers day and posted them with a card. She loved them but remarked that they didn't work with her new kindle!

Its been too busy for any actual artwork but I have planned a new gouache cherry blossom painting. I have drawn it out in a large sketchbook and made colour notes in watercolour and gouache. I haven't any pinks in gouache, like permanent rose or permanent alizarin (I don't use normal alizarin as it's not very lightfast).
I'm not going to bother buying more so I'll just mix normal transparent watercolours with gouache; There's no problem with doing this,and it saves money. I will post the progress as it hopefully happens!!

It is now a time for painting tulips, a great subject especially the parrots or frilly types.
I've had no time so here's a really old one from 2007.
Happy spring holidays to everyone.