Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring Equinox

Its always uplifting to see blossom beginning to flower in the hedgerows and gardens.
The cherry and peach blossoms sparkling against a blue sky. This time I used a blue mount card for the effect of sky and gouache to capture a Prunus branch in a sheltered spot in the hotel garden. Always better than working!!

I tried to reflect colours in the shadows of the white flowers, and tried not getting too carried away with it!! This small study took about 5 or 6 hours. I will maybe try a larger one soon.
Thanks for following and commenting.
Happy solstice(for yesterday!)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

One Year Later

Another spring is here, with new growth awakening all around and the days lengthening. I can't believe this blog is now a year old today - time is flying.
 I haven't had much time for art recently as work is becoming busier and I can't seem to find inspiration. I have a lack of enthusiasum- maybe artists block?
I have managed a few spring sketches this week however.

A snowdrop, crocus and grape hyacinth. White flowers are always hard on a white background; Subtle use of greys is needed and its difficult not to outline harshly.

 A curly pansy called 'Frizzle Sizzle'.

This beautiful variety of Narcissus called 'Pipit' is lemony scented,multi-headed and has subtle white centres to the petals. Again the challenge is with yellow flowers and trying to get the shading right. A pale ultramarine violet wash was used in the left flower here.

This week I also looked back on some old paintings that I have kept. This is a very valuable thing to do; To view your progression through the artistic journey. I have thrown paintings away out of frustration before but I try and hold on to them now, a useful gauge for how far you have come and how to improve in the future.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Early Spring

The weather here in west Wales is sunny and warm these past few days,I hope it lasts a bit longer. The spring flowers are here already and I've been out gardening. I have received some seeds,lots of annuals and wildflowers,especially suited to pollinators; so single flowers with plenty of pollen.
I took a trip to London on Sunday to submit 5 paintings for the SBA exhibition. The drive was fine and parked right outside Westminster central hall, nearly opposite Westminster Abbey. Have to wait now to find out which paintings have been accepted.

I was going to put in a dandelion seedhead in gouache but it seemed a bit drab for a Botanical Celebration themed exhibition so I painted an Iris siberica in gouache from an old in situ tonal sketch and 2 photographs from 2010. The beautiful Iris was in my garden that year with just the one flower on it and it has now vanished from the border, probably eaten.

Heres a few random photos as I haven't been painting or drawing recently.

Heres my garden last June looking colourful,can't wait for summer now!

I caught this rainbow from my kitchen window.

Heres a visitor to my garden the other week!!