Monday, 6 February 2012

Winter Sketches

The weather is cold and icy but no snow here unlike the east of the country.
I've been doodling with old pictures and sketching garlic;trying to convey the dried, scaly layers in watercolour, using subtle greys and pinks.

This is a study of garlic mushrooms with parsley that I began a year ago -its finally finished but I rushed it in some places.

Went for a walk around Devils Bridge yesterday.It's a gorge with a stunning waterfall and beautiful bridges; the lowest one dates from the 11th century. Its a good walk along the ancient woodlands of the Rhiedol valley, but lots of slippery steps so not good if you have bad knees!

I was pleased with this shot,the mossy tree frames the waterfall perfectly. I came home with lots of leaves and stuff to draw (as usual!!) and drew this fern ( Polypodium vulgare) with pen and wash and a few splatters! It captures winter essence for me.