Monday, 21 November 2011

Autumn sketches

So far its been a mild autumn here,with tons of berries weighing down the branches,beautiful auburn colours and good amounts of fungi to be found.I've been inspired by all my autumnal finds and my studio is full of dried leaves,and other bits everywhere!
The sketch above includes a magpie moth,jay feather, woodpecker feather and crab apple.

The sketch above includes some mushrooms I found today (21st Nov.) which I think are a spring species called St. Georges mushroom- probably out now due to the recent mild weather. Not sure what this feather is either?

Walking the other day I came across a bank full of fly agarics.It was very beautiful.

Below is my finished painting of rose hips.

Playing around the other day with publisher I made a mix of all the assignments I did on the SBA diploma course. It was really good to look back on the work I did over those 2 years and remember the whole experience.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Red berries

With such an influx of berries this year I just had to do some studies of them. I drew rose hips ,hawthorn, and red chokeberry mainly,but the Cotoneasters and Sorbus are full of berries too,great for the birds. Berries are great for showing dull and shiny high lights which are left as the white paper.They also have reflected light on them too. I bought a new paint from Winsor and Newton - Winsor red deep which is PR 264 ,perfect for these berries.



Chokeberry,dissected hip and honeysuckle
 I lost patience with the chokeberry and used extra gum arabic on the honeysuckle berries-to make them look sticky-um, it didn't work very well!!

Rose hips study

Above I drew both the Rosa rugosa and the Rosa canina -(dog rose) ,with dissections. The dog rose hips are loaded with anti-oxidants especially vitamin C and can be used to make jams and jellies.

 I hope to start a painting of some of these berries soon.

A while ago I did a light fast test on some of my paints mainly the magenta colours-
Lots of different Pv19's,Pr 206,Pr188,Pr122,Pv 23,Pv15,Pv14,Py3 and Pr122 + flourescent which is Opera rose/pink.They are a mix of Winsor and Newtons and Daler rowneys.(Py3 was Sennelier).
The paint swatches were left in sunlight for 6 months. All of them except one was absolutely fine!
Of course -the Opera!!

The top half was covered- you can see a distinct line in the center and the bottom half has faded in the light. It is very noticable in reality - maybe not so much in the photo! I'm sure that people wouldn't hang originals in sunlight anyway (hope!).

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Elan Valley

Here's a few weeping cherry tree leaves I've completed - the colours should be more red - especially in the one on the right,the photo seems to have lost it!

The Elan Valley is a truly beautiful place,with historic dams and 12 SSSI's ranging from ancient sessile oak woodlands to rare flower meadows. It has 4 large reservoirs with dams of impressive architecture, an aqueduct and lots of walks over the estate. My son and I wandered around the woods and trails on a gorgeous day last week and I took 130 photos!
 Here's a few of my favourites.

The dam above has water rushing over it - I've not seen this before there as its normally dry in the summer. 

I've been ill since then but managed to complete another forest landscape,this time in watercolour on Arches cold press paper.I'm not keen on the texture of this paper and prefer hot press but to get looser landscapes its best to use cold press (also called not paper).
I added the birds(red kites!!)for a focal point.

Bye for now x