Monday, 14 March 2011

More lichens

These little studies of lichens show different species of Cladonia;but I'm not exactly sure on the species name.They bear spore producing bodies of brown or scarlet red looking like matchsticks.I found them in the heathland of the Ystwyth river valley in Ceredigion.
The black lichen underneath is the very common dog lichen; Peltigera spp,with lots of different moss species.

These pixie cup lichens pictured above are brilliant;they reminds me of the clangers ?!!
They were drawn in pen (my favourite pen is the Pilot series) and coloured pencils.
Pen is a great way of drawing lichens using a variety of marks, like hatching lines, dots- stippling, or even just little squiggles!
One day I'll paint them better!


  1. So interesting and lovely paintings!

  2. I think I fell in love with your pixie cups....

  3. Oh you must have a go at them next winter !! great to do xx