Friday, 18 December 2015

Joys of Journaling

Going out in nature with a sketchbook or journal  is such a brilliant pastime. I cannot recommend it enough. The act of spending time, observing your subject rather than just taking a quick photograph and moving on, is extremely rewarding. Feeling the spirit of the place, the wind and sun (but not much of this lately here in Wales), hearing the birdsong; it all evokes emotions and hopefully you pass this on into your sketch. 

Bridge and waterfall at the Hafod Estate.

You can see my rucksack here which has everything I need (almost) from graphite sticks, watercolour pencils and pans with a water-brush, gouache and ink pens, aswell as various types of paper and books.

This scene was drawn using graphite, pencils, pen and white gouache on a slightly tinted paper to make the white water stand out more.

This is a view of the snaking river Ystwyth on the Ladies walk at the Hafod Estate,
 just roughly drawn in colour pencils.

 This I did back in October, of Devils Bridge - Pontarfynach. The left one was painted in watercolour and pen in situ but I later redid this one at home as I felt I'd overdone the pen!! But maybe the second one is too pale. I think I need more practise on my watercolour stonework!

Here's the completed journal page.

As well as making a journal, I've made two little concertina books and added prints of my paintings,
 a leaf one and a fungi one.

Other news is that I have 5 paintings hanging in Oriel Flodau - Blossoms Gallery,  in Aberystwyth. I am very pleased with how they look. The new gallery is a great place, run by lovely people with lots of amazingly talented artists and diverse crafts for sale. If you're in the area have a look in.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your journal work and new paintings. I hope you are feeling much better soon and able to get out and do all the things you are planning :) Happy holidays!