Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Four Years On

Happy 4th Birthday to this blog, time has flown by.

I'm looking forward to exhibiting at the SBA in Westminster next month (I have 3 paintings there) and I'll also be doing a demonstration on Friday the 17th, so come along and say hello if you're nearby.

As I haven't posted for a while here's an few things I've been up to recently.

Here's the drawing I completed on the fungi paper. It took pen better than I thought it would but not paint so well as you see.
A Buzzard feather

I made a mossy box (It's for a craft fair that's coming up)

A fruit segments worksheet 

Painting a  lichen sprig
I have a workshop coming up in April at Denmark Farm, there should be plenty of subjects to occupy us, spring is coming at last!


  1. Claire, I think its a great idea to have your blog and gallery on the same site! I looked through everything and it worked well. I especially enjoyed seeing your beautiful work once again in the gallery. There's so much I could comment on, but the slices and bits paintings stood out as particularly delightful! The only place on the site that I had trouble with is the Richard Jefferies page--the words run out of sight on the page so I couldn't read it. And here's a little suggestion--how about renaming the "home" page "My Blog"? It took me a minute to figure out how to get back to make a comment. All else is excellent! Well done!!

    1. Thank you so much Janene for ths, I had so much trouble trying to amend the essay, such a shame as its so wonderful to read :(
      I will rename that right now too great idea ,thank you xxxx

  2. Congratulations on 4 years! And here's to 4 more :) Love visiting and seeing your work and having all your artwork available here on the blog makes it more convenient for your viewers to see your past work, too. Beautiful!!

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    1. Claire , well done on reaching four years of blogging. I think your new blog looks so interesting having the different posts and galleries all together. The lichen peeping through from the background looks amazing.
      You know I admire your detailed work, it is easy to see your love of nature and that you really know your subjects. Keep being inspired, you have great talent and skills.
      The horse chestnut work is stunning. Good luck for many more years of blogging. Millyxx
      Terrible spelling mistake so had to delete first comment!

    2. Thank you for a wonderful comment Milly. I was sad to see my website go, it felt like going backwards a bit but I much prefer the look of the galleries on here now and everything altogether and room for some poetry too.
      Thanks again Milly xxxx I didn't notice the spelling mistake ;) xxx