Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Nearly Christmas again.

Christmas is drawing ever closer again and I seriously feel like hibernating at this time of year, to wake up rejuvenated in spring,( and 5 years younger would be great!!). 
The SBA Palmengarten exhibition in Frankfurt ,Germany was a great success and is now finished so I have been on a road trip to Sussex to collect some unsold paintings. I sold my painting of the Dandelion Clock too, great news for me and my bank manager!
 So I've not been painting much lately, just experimenting with handmade papers. I really like the look of natural objects against a patterned background, like the effect with the coffee staining. Recently I have painted a Scarlet Tiger moth on natural handmade paper, I love this sort of vintage,old look.

I decided to make some cards too and out of interest they are for sale on my website now.

Thanks for looking in on this blog and have a great Christmas and new year.


  1. Beautiful Moth Claire. Have you discovered Vellum / parchment paper as it looks like old antique and comes in different colours and thicknesses. Calligraphy papers too, takes ink well obviously but not sure about paint but they are quite cheap to buy.
    Just googled it, lots of places sell it. Fun to try different papers, I have a pad, lots of colours and was around £5 for lots of sheets mixed colours.
    So windy and cold here, would happily stay in bed! No get up and draw. So I am painting a holly leaf.x

  2. Thank you Milly, I don't have parchment paper but will have a look. I feel like staying in bed too till spring! :) xx

  3. Happy Christmas Claire.
    Hope you have plans for 2015 to paint some more super Nature paintings.
    Show the world your beautiful Welsh countryside and woods as only You can.

    1. Merry Xmas Milly,hope that 2015 brings you happiness and lots of time to draw and create beautiful things :) xx