Saturday, 22 November 2014

Variety is good

 At the moment I'm enjoying a variety of media and styles;
Here's a selection; 
A small study of conkers in watercolour,

Some pen and ink; an alium seed-head study on coffee stained paper

Gouache; I've painted a trio of Sarracenia spp. twice life size.
These are amazing insectivorous bog plants with stunning veins and intricate patterns covered in tiny hairs, lovely to paint.

And finally some loose landscapes in watercolour. 
Here I used my imagination to create a mountain scene, using big brushes, sponge and very wet paper to achieve the misty effects.

Below are the brushes I used and I also do a prep. sketch in this little cold press paper notebook. Ripped up sponges are good too for those trees.

I also found a tip from Jane Blundell's blog, a great read for anyone interested in colour.
 One of my favourite grey mixes is winsor newton's light red and french ultramarine and so I have squeezed the two together in an empty paint pan and thoroughly mixed with a toothpick and now I have an instant grey mix to hand, great for sketches. I use this in some botanical work but also landscapes,(the clouds in the mountain landscape above uses this grey). Fantastic.Variety is the spice.


  1. Such beautiful artwork Claire and I love the variety of your approaches, so refreshing and inspiring xx

  2. Beautiful work Claire, thank you for sharing - I wish I had time to learn more mediums but trying to do one well is difficult enough. One day I will try gouache and maybe even oils! Best to you

  3. Glad to see you painted conkers, great job too, sadly never managed to do mine.
    Couldn't agree more variety is good. Have fun.x

    1. Yes, couldn't resist them Milly. You'll have to get them in next year! :) xx

  4. Claire, You are very inspiring. The coffee stained paper is an attractive and fun background for the lovely seedhead. And when I see your works in gouache, I think I must try it but I am like Vicki...have enough of a challenge with watercolors right now! Someday...

    1. Thank you Janene,yes it's a challenge switching from watercolours to gouache but I recommend the challenge! 😊xxx