Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dreams of Spring

The question on everyone's lips in the UK is when will the rain cease? That incessant dripping on the windows and the wind howling down the chimney. The misery of flooding and dreary, grey days of pervading damp is enough to bring on SAD syndrome in anyone. The culprit is the jet stream which seems to be locked high above us and continually dragging in these big storms. I just hope it moves back to its usual place soon and maybe we will have a decent summer this year, (or at least we can all dry out a bit). My heart goes out to all the people affected by these monster floods, lets hope it stops soon.

And so with dreams of spring, I have begun a gouache piece of white Prunus blossom. I have painted some of this before so am relying on my old work and photos. The key here is to capture other colours within the shadows of the white petals; blue, pink, purple and yellow pastel greys.

I may add a sky at the end or maybe a bee? Not sure yet.
I experimented with my sycamore painting in gouache as I absolutely hated the blue background with the colours. I took my underused Pan Pastels and laid on a sky to detract from the blue and I do prefer it now.

I'm also working on a series of  'mosaic' style paintings, with fragmented nature subjects. It adds an element of abstraction to the piece and makes it more interesting, or just something a bit different.

And finally, a poem,


From the sad eaves the drip-drop of the rain!
The water washing at the lachel door;
A slow step plashing by upon the moor!
A single bleat far from the famished fold.
The clicking of an embered hearth and cold;
The rainy Robin tic-tac at the pane.

A sadness ever sings
Of unforgotten things,
And the bird of love is patting at the pane;
But the wintry water deepens at the door
And a step is plashing by upon the moor
Into the dark upon the darkening moor,
And alas, alas, the drip-drop of the rain!

Sydney Dobell

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