Friday, 8 March 2013

Gold leaf

 The ox-eye daisies goauche painting is now finished and I have embellished it with gold leaf.
I also added a few light delicate grasses to show wildness, then I guess that the gold suggests dazzling summer light! The gold squares follow the opposite pattern to the flower buds so I thought they might strengthen the composition.
I practised using the gold leaf first as I have never used it before, always a good idea!!
 Instead of buying adhesive, size or gesso I used a jar of Winsor Newton gum arabic that I've had for years and hardly used. First I drew out little squares and painted them in with neat gum arabic. Then I placed a gold leaf sheet on top of the square, pressing down very gently. After drying for a few minutes, I gently brushed away any loose bits and edges; any gaps were carefully re-stuck.
 It seems to have stuck the gold leaf very well and wasn't too difficult.

Unfortunately the final photo doesn't show up the gold bling very well but it looks nice and shiny in real life! I have made a card out of it for my mum for mothers day but she's just told me now that she's not sure about the squares!! Oh well! Nice to try something a bit different and I recommend it for this.

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