Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day

Here's a couple of looser paintings made with large brushes and no drawing, just very wet paper and colours for autumn and winter scenes. Really enjoyed painting like this.

I've been drawing birds with pen lately; here's a jay and a singing wren. I prefer birds drawn in graphite or pen rather than painted, but the added strokes of blue on the jays feathers added some colour.

 We've had a snow day here in Wales today so no school or work. Very,very cold but idyllic. Just as long as you don't have to drive!

Finally here's another red kite with a better background than before.


  1. Claire, Your paintings capture perfectly the misty peace of a snowy day! And the birds in pen--wow! I only wish I could see them more closely.

  2. All your artwork is lovely Claire, but I adore your bird drawings ! On another note, we fell in love with Wales last year and have booked a cottage for a week in Monmouthshire in July, hoping to go and see the Red Kites too :)

  3. Preciosas! y las aves geniales! Claire, un saludo.

  4. Love the loose style for the landscapes and the pen and ink for the birds :) Just lovely work, no matter what way you're drawing or painting. I remember snow days in Wales - everything shut down for an inch of snow due to the hills and valleys :)

  5. I prefer your pencil drawings but it is good to explore and have some fun. Adding a touch of colour to the Jay works so well and I love that wren. Hopefully these little creatures will make is through our cold snap.

    I was guiltily thinking of you and your healthy eating as I stuffed myself (compulsively) full of carbs yesterday. (I am feeling even fatter than normal).

  6. Lovely detailed bird sketches. The lichen sketch is real and very detailed and nice. The same lichen as in your sketch grows plentifully on several of the trees in the northwest U.S. where I live.