Thursday, 24 January 2013

Feathers and Butterflies

I love finding feathers and have a small stash of them. On the left is a buzzards feather, then a Jays and a greater spotted woodpecker. I have seen many of these birds around lately and many lapwings in the fields, hunting food.
Above is a study of butterflies and their caterpillar food plants.
Common blue with birdsfoot trefoil,
orange tip with ladies smock and
dark green fritillary with a common violet.
Next I'll be working on a large painting of species to be found in a Welsh upland oakwood. All these are for the exhibition at Elan.


  1. Good luck with the exhibition. Looking at these feathers reminds me that spring is just around the corner (I hope).

  2. Thanks Bella,can't wait for spring too xx

  3. Que hermosura de trabajos Claire!!, el de las plumas es exquisito!!, un abrazo.

  4. These are lovely claire, just found your blog.

  5. These are lovely claire, just found your blog.

  6. Your work is lovely, so delicate. Very nice.

    Ali of:

  7. This is great combination between feather and butterflies. Boths are great part of our nature. Caralia Brachiata