Thursday, 15 November 2012

Autumn Work in Progress and ISBA

 Wood Blewitt, Parasol mushrooms and bracken, a work in progress.
This painting is a rework from an earlier one that went wrong! I have many paintings that are on the to do again pile, usually due to rushing the compostion stage to get out the paint brushes. Hopefully I'll learn one day - Botanical artists are supposed to be patient aren't they? just not me.

The wood blewitt or Lepista nuda is a great mushroom, with a bluey purple colour. The first wood blewitts I ever found were so purple, I couldn't believe the colour. I thought I must've been on magic mushrooms! The parasols are beautiful and elegant and can grow really large. Both types of fungi are edible but the blewitts have to be cooked.
I found them growing by the roadside while driving along (I do this a lot). They were with short grasses and  bracken which made a good backdrop; its drying fronds changing to autumn colours. Lots of umbers and raw sienna used here.
I hope to finish the painting very soon.

 I visited the botanical gardens in Dublin not long ago to meet up with everyone and we had a masterclass with Susan Sex, a fantastic Irish artist. She is truly an expert, and made painting look incredibly easy. Dublin is an amazing place and I met some really lovely people.


  1. Delicado y hermoso Claire!!!, un saludo.

  2. I like being able to see a painting developing like this - great stuff. Wonderful to record the details of the changing year the way you do, drawing and painting, and your work is superb.