Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Heres an update on my newest study ; Ynyslas in the early summer.

I've visited Ynyslas dunes a few times in the rain, dodging the terrible floods and collected a few plants to study.
They include the Burnet Rose, heath speedwell, birds foot trefoil, marsh orchid (I think its a northern- Dactylorhiza purpurella) and some grasses & sedges. In the case of the orchid I collected a leaf and a single flower from one plant and also found a broken tipped plant so I collected this too. I would never pick or dig up any wild orchids.
I am going to add a marsh orchid with enlarged flower heads and also a common blue butterfly which is here in large numbers when the sun eventually comes out.


  1. Beautiful rose, love the detail. :)

  2. A nice idea to make a group of plants from a particular spot like this.
    Heath Speedwell is one I've only just noticed around - very pretty little plant, and growing on chalk downland here despite its name.

  3. Hi Claire. This is going to look so lovely and is rather reminiscent of the 'Working in the Field' assignment I am doing for the SBA. Nice mix of colour and graphite. x

  4. You've been so busy lately with work and so great to see you are painting also .. love the rose study x

  5. Thanks, I want to do a series of habitat studies. We have a lull at work now and had a few days off,due to the weather.

  6. Ynyslas was on Springwatch on TV last night too with Lolo Williams, though it was just the estuary

  7. hello Claire!It 'nice to study a particular area and its blooms.At distance I learn here so many things and I see botanical paintings
    very beautiful and harmonious.
    Good work! Rita