Sunday, 6 May 2012

Spring Sketches and Tree photography

Heres a sketch of 2 different colour varieties of bluebell and primrose. The pink primrose was found growing wild in my garden,not a shop bought Polyanthus and the white bluebells are sometimes seen, standing out in a swathe of blue.

A sketch of Violet and Herb Robert, splashes of spring colour.

Bluebells and shadows at Black Covert; colour and contrast.

An old oak tree covered in lush fern growth along the river Ystwyth.

The beautiful ancient sessile oak woodlands of the Rheidol valley near to Devils bridge.

And see the peaceful trees extend,
Their myriad leaves in leisured dance,
They bear weight of sky and cloud,
Upon the fountain of their veins.

Kathleen Raine


  1. Sarah Morrish6 May 2012 at 12:34

    Lovely to see your sketches Claire. Hoping my painting block will come to an end soon, also hoping that a trip to Skomer will get rid of it in a few weeks :)

  2. Hello,Claire!Lovely sketches and lovely pictures!Spring is sweeter season for painting,drawing and walking in NATURE!

  3. Lovely beginnings and those photos made me envious. In my next life I will live in the woods :)

  4. Hi Claire, I love woodland flowers and the bluebells have really enjoyed this rain we have been having. Lovely little sketches.