Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sketching Spring

After a hectic weekend at work, I have begun sketching spring subjects in earnest. I wandered up to Trawscoed lake and sketched some Wood Sorrel there in the evening sunlight. (Rare at the moment!!)

Ladies Smock or Cuckoo flower, Cardamine pratensis; a favourite wild flower of mine. It is very common around here growing in damp meadows (and on the garden lawn at work).
 -and Pratensis means 'of a meadow'.
The orange tip butterfly usually lays its eggs on this plant among other crucifers.
 Like the wood Sorrel ,this flower has delicate mauve veins, nice to paint.

I found this Columbine at the roadside, a beautiful pale blue. I've never seen one this colour before,usually dark blue,purple or pink. Had to sketch it.

The beautiful Azalea luteum has the most divine scent. A pleasure to draw by.


  1. Precious sketches!!! to wolk in the nature is restoring..... ciao

  2. Wonderful sketches - just what I need to see after a wonderful vacation and starting to think about artwork again ... beautiful xx

  3. Hello,Claire!Walking through the fields is beautiful in spring,if you can drawing even more beautiful! Delightful results that cheer me ... looking at them, now!Greetings

  4. It is so interesting to hear about the number of wild plants we have in common. It makes me wonder whether they share the same genus. We too have a good cover of Lady's smock and I have seen a few orange-tipped butterflies like yours flitting around the bluebells. (South west England).

  5. Gosh, you were lucky to get some dry weather. I love wildflowers and these sketches are just beautiful.

  6. Lovely studies Claire and I love looking at them all. I have seen more of the orange tipped butterfly this year than ever before, in my garden each day last week when the sun was out.
    It is back to rain, wind and cool again!

  7. It's a pleasure to see your studies! Perhaps I prefer the last Azalea luteum! It's lovely!

  8. Thanks for comments everyone xxx