Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Its been a really busy Easter weekend at work but enjoyable and not too stressful; with lots of lovely customers. Its a shame that the weather wasn't as nice.It's gone from heatwave to arctic but now has stabilized into typical April showers.

I made my mum some book-marks for mothers day and posted them with a card. She loved them but remarked that they didn't work with her new kindle!

Its been too busy for any actual artwork but I have planned a new gouache cherry blossom painting. I have drawn it out in a large sketchbook and made colour notes in watercolour and gouache. I haven't any pinks in gouache, like permanent rose or permanent alizarin (I don't use normal alizarin as it's not very lightfast).
I'm not going to bother buying more so I'll just mix normal transparent watercolours with gouache; There's no problem with doing this,and it saves money. I will post the progress as it hopefully happens!!

It is now a time for painting tulips, a great subject especially the parrots or frilly types.
I've had no time so here's a really old one from 2007.
Happy spring holidays to everyone.


  1. Beautiful tulips and I love the new banner -elegant and simple and yet, not really simple at all :)

  2. You've caught the light beautifully on those tulip petals.

    Interesting comment about the bookmarks / Kindle. I've found some interesting bookmarks in old books over the years - postcards, shopping lists, recipes etc

  3. Thanks both xx
    I love books and book marks.I love libraries too

  4. Aren't Mothers a pain nowadays? They all seem to be into technology and now they don't have children at home to look after they are able to purchase all sorts of gizmos! :)

    Your knowledge of how the colours work after you have painted them is astounding. I don't ever think that far.

  5. Hello,Claire.Many painters use watercolours and gouache.They say use transparents...and opaque watercolours!Your tulips, lively and beautiful,come out from the paper!

  6. Your paintings of nature of lovely

  7. Beautiful work, love the red/pink colors that you choose and nice composition too.