Wednesday, 14 March 2012

One Year Later

Another spring is here, with new growth awakening all around and the days lengthening. I can't believe this blog is now a year old today - time is flying.
 I haven't had much time for art recently as work is becoming busier and I can't seem to find inspiration. I have a lack of enthusiasum- maybe artists block?
I have managed a few spring sketches this week however.

A snowdrop, crocus and grape hyacinth. White flowers are always hard on a white background; Subtle use of greys is needed and its difficult not to outline harshly.

 A curly pansy called 'Frizzle Sizzle'.

This beautiful variety of Narcissus called 'Pipit' is lemony scented,multi-headed and has subtle white centres to the petals. Again the challenge is with yellow flowers and trying to get the shading right. A pale ultramarine violet wash was used in the left flower here.

This week I also looked back on some old paintings that I have kept. This is a very valuable thing to do; To view your progression through the artistic journey. I have thrown paintings away out of frustration before but I try and hold on to them now, a useful gauge for how far you have come and how to improve in the future.


  1. Nice sketches Claire, lovely reminder that spring is near :)

  2. The 'spring' cleaning bug has spread. it is always nice to have that annual reminder of how skills and techniques improve over the years. Lovely fresh sketches :)

  3. I have heard so many people say the same thing about their old work. I have kept most of mine but have to admit, there is only so much space I am willing to give up.

    Sometimes the older stiff can have a raw quality which is hard to get back. I hope you get your verve back soon Claire, although looking at the paintings above, I think you are doing very well.

  4. Thank you xxxx Love your comments -They are needed at a time where I'm having HUGE grief with customs and excise!! never good!

  5. Your sketches have a lovely delicacy Claire :) Congratulations on your blog anniversary!!