Thursday, 19 January 2012

SBA Exhibition and a Step by Step

At the end of February it is time to hand in paintings for the SBA exhibition which is held in Westminster, London in April. I have decided to put some work in for it this year; the Autumn Treasure painting and the Hippeastrum Picotee. Not sure what else to put in yet. 
Its a long way to travel and quite an expensive venture; the frames, travelling, and time off work all add up.  If the paintings don't sell I will organise them to be picked up from London(as I can't take more time off work then!!) -I have used a courier before who dropped them off in Bristol for me to drive and collect,as its closer to Wales. The exhibition shows so many amazing paintings (around 700) from artists all over the world. Not all of it is strictly botanical (like my gouaches) but this makes for a much more varied and interesting show.

 I'm still painting Amaryllis - Hippeastrums at the moment , this time a whitish bud opening up in gouache. Its going a lot slower this time.
Some friends wanted me to post a step by step of Hipp. Picotee - so here it is.


I'm not sure which I find easier or prefer - transparent watercolours or opaque gouache. They both pose different problems and sometimes there's a stage half way through a painting where you feel like giving up because it looks like a mess. You feel like you'll never turn it around. Best just to turn up the music, keep your head down and plod on with it. It usually comes round in the end.


  1. Guau!, exquisito trabajo, preciosos, un saludo.

  2. This is just so beautiful Claire - thank you for posting the step by step. I do hope to see you in London and also would love to see your paintings there .... they should be seen!!

  3. This is lovely Claire - you've "sculpted" the form beautifully!! Best of luck with SBA exhibition. :)

  4. Beautiful Clare , loved seeing how you painted it.
    Having problems with blogger , won't let me post comments.

    1. Thanks Milly,that happens to me a lot too !

  5. This is stunning work once again Claire, you never disappoint Know what you're saying about that dreaded mid-way point, I've put down so many works at that stage in favour of a more enticing venture.

  6. It's great seeing this grow. You are very good at using Gouache.

  7. Thanks so much ,I seem to have fallen for it!! and I put this one in the sba exhibition.I hope they accept it!!! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your story and lovely paintings. Very inspirational

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