Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Collection of some of my hippy paintings

I love Hippeastrums (amaryllis) and grow different ones every winter.There are many hybrids & cultivars to choose from and this year I chose a 'Mont Blanc'.It is a snowy white one (with those sparkly crystals) ,as the name implies and I wanted to paint it in gouache on a dark background,for impact. But as it's opened over the days it is quite clear it is not a Mont Blanc at all! The wrong bulb had been put in the box. However it is a most beautiful double variety called 'Dancing Queen' and I have sketched its progress.

Its the first double I've drawn;quite difficult keeping perspective and not getting lost in the multiple petals! As I made colour notes the second bud burst with a pop and started to open in front of me!
I quickly took this photo which I will use as reference with the sketches if I decide to do a painting.
I will get another white flowering bulb for a gouache study (if they manage to put in the right bulb!!)

Happy new year too!!


  1. I know what you mean about becoming lost in the petals. All too often I find my eyes lost, and those stripes cannot have helped. However, your eyes are more adept and have done the bloom proud.

  2. I love the jumbled composition of all those studies, nice work! Waiting for my Amaryllis to come out in bloom, so exciting!!!

  3. Oh dear - losing yourself in petals is a familiar feeling ... love your Amaryllis studies and look forward to seeing more of your gouache artworks. Very best wishes for an inspirational 2012 and may you have even more time for your beautiful paintings xx

  4. I love that great blowsy mix in your composition. I didn't grow any Amaryllis this year, shame as these look fab.