Saturday, 12 November 2011

Red berries

With such an influx of berries this year I just had to do some studies of them. I drew rose hips ,hawthorn, and red chokeberry mainly,but the Cotoneasters and Sorbus are full of berries too,great for the birds. Berries are great for showing dull and shiny high lights which are left as the white paper.They also have reflected light on them too. I bought a new paint from Winsor and Newton - Winsor red deep which is PR 264 ,perfect for these berries.



Chokeberry,dissected hip and honeysuckle
 I lost patience with the chokeberry and used extra gum arabic on the honeysuckle berries-to make them look sticky-um, it didn't work very well!!

Rose hips study

Above I drew both the Rosa rugosa and the Rosa canina -(dog rose) ,with dissections. The dog rose hips are loaded with anti-oxidants especially vitamin C and can be used to make jams and jellies.

 I hope to start a painting of some of these berries soon.

A while ago I did a light fast test on some of my paints mainly the magenta colours-
Lots of different Pv19's,Pr 206,Pr188,Pr122,Pv 23,Pv15,Pv14,Py3 and Pr122 + flourescent which is Opera rose/pink.They are a mix of Winsor and Newtons and Daler rowneys.(Py3 was Sennelier).
The paint swatches were left in sunlight for 6 months. All of them except one was absolutely fine!
Of course -the Opera!!

The top half was covered- you can see a distinct line in the center and the bottom half has faded in the light. It is very noticable in reality - maybe not so much in the photo! I'm sure that people wouldn't hang originals in sunlight anyway (hope!).


  1. Love your studie! Beautiful berries and dissections. xx Manon

  2. I try to stay away from Opera Rose as much as possible and replace it with Quin. rose or Permanent Rose. Only work I know I might want to use for reproduction I take my opera rose.

    Anyway, I so much loved your blog. Wonderful studies. Berries are so much fun to paint.

  3. Absolutely LOVE the berries and hips ... gorgeous! I just bought Winsor Red too because I wanted that deep rich red, can't wait to use it now! My favourite bright pink is Quin Magenta ... love Permanent Rose too. xx

  4. Will definately be trying the Winsor Red Deep and just love the perfection of your highlights!
    (Cadmium red deep by Old Holland is another great red too - a very 'creamy' pigment though and only a little needed off of the pan).

  5. Thanks everyone,my favourite is quin. Magenta too and I love W & N cadmium red light too xxx

  6. Really lovely studies of red berries. I was curious to see your measuring tool, I just do my work by eye usually just place it by my page. Red berries are one of my favourite subjects but not had the time to do many this year except the odd ones I find on the shore.
    A lovely post Claire.

  7. Measuring tool (Milly's comment above)? I was wondering what it was. I am not sure I have ever seen one. I love rose hips - so pretty too.

  8. wow,thanks everyone-great to get these comments.. The weird object is actually called a helping hands holder! It has clips for holding things and a magnifying glass which I removed. I do use a divider for measuring things sometimes though but not a lot! xxxxxx

  9. I love drawing/painting berries, especially crab-apples...That Windsor and Newton red you used is luscious, as are the Hawthorn's you've painted here...Wonderfully done, Claire!

  10. Well, I did say I was curious about the husband said it was a measuring tool!
    Thanks for answering that.
    I was talking to a girl who had done a botanical course and she was telling me about measuring I thought that was what it was!
    Anyway the main thing is that they are Lovely lovely berries. millyx

  11. Thank you, Rebecca its a lovely paint-but the Winsor red and Winsor red deep are both good xx
    Milly, you'll have to get one ,they are great little gadgets and I use the magnifying glass too.
    I got it at a local market for £5 but you can get them online too!! xx

  12. The berries are lovely.
    (and love the color Opera - I've got in in my box as well)

  13. Beautiful berries Claire... so nice to see some study work too.

  14. Beautiful work Claire and a very interesting post.
    I have a helping hands holder too and recognised it straight away. Best wishes for the weekend xx

  15. Hawthorn berries and rose hips really light up the landscape. Lovely idea to preserve some special ones in paintings.

  16. Beautiful work Claire...such a delicate study :))

  17. Really gorgeous work Claire. Loving the Winsor Red Deep too. I am a bit obsessed with using Perylene Maroon at the moment so trying to break that naughty little habit. Ah yes the weird handly thing,a great gadget. The magnifying glass helps when trying to get thorns and splinters out of fingers too!!

  18. Oh I've completely missed this before... that is fantastic work Claire, love these study pages with berries! Gorgeous!