Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Elan Valley

Here's a few weeping cherry tree leaves I've completed - the colours should be more red - especially in the one on the right,the photo seems to have lost it!

The Elan Valley is a truly beautiful place,with historic dams and 12 SSSI's ranging from ancient sessile oak woodlands to rare flower meadows. It has 4 large reservoirs with dams of impressive architecture, an aqueduct and lots of walks over the estate. My son and I wandered around the woods and trails on a gorgeous day last week and I took 130 photos!
 Here's a few of my favourites.

The dam above has water rushing over it - I've not seen this before there as its normally dry in the summer. 

I've been ill since then but managed to complete another forest landscape,this time in watercolour on Arches cold press paper.I'm not keen on the texture of this paper and prefer hot press but to get looser landscapes its best to use cold press (also called not paper).
I added the birds(red kites!!)for a focal point.

Bye for now x


  1. Sorry to hear you weren't well Claire - lovely photos, so easy to take hundreds in such a beautiful place. Love your forest landscapes, very special.

  2. Beautiful paintings of the cherry leaves - we have one in our garden that has turned exactly that colour.....

  3. Lovely images and a very special painting too. The Elan Valley is one of my fav places -(we're just a few miles away)and you've summed it up perfectly. x

  4. Your leaf study is lovely Clare and your photos too. I especially love the web and the tree reflection. I do hope you're fully recovered now. Best for the weekend x

  5. What a lovely post Claire. Your photographs of the √Član Valley are stunning. I think you have captured it so beautifully. The reflections of the tree and the little building and wood behind are just perfect.
    The Cherry leaves are gorgeous with the details of the missing bits and blemishes, your work is always lovely.

  6. Claire, all these images are lovely- the photos as well as your beautiful paintings...What a magical walk that must have been.