Monday, 21 November 2011

Autumn sketches

So far its been a mild autumn here,with tons of berries weighing down the branches,beautiful auburn colours and good amounts of fungi to be found.I've been inspired by all my autumnal finds and my studio is full of dried leaves,and other bits everywhere!
The sketch above includes a magpie moth,jay feather, woodpecker feather and crab apple.

The sketch above includes some mushrooms I found today (21st Nov.) which I think are a spring species called St. Georges mushroom- probably out now due to the recent mild weather. Not sure what this feather is either?

Walking the other day I came across a bank full of fly agarics.It was very beautiful.

Below is my finished painting of rose hips.

Playing around the other day with publisher I made a mix of all the assignments I did on the SBA diploma course. It was really good to look back on the work I did over those 2 years and remember the whole experience.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post x


  1. Delicados y minuciosos, hermosos trabajos. Un saludo.

  2. Loving the 'Nature Table' look to these ones. Terrific selction of bits and bobs make a lovely little composition Claire. Great SBA work too!

  3. Love your hips Claire .. wonderful idea to do a compilation of assignments - great tribute to the hard work!

  4. Hi Claire, just to let you know that if you haven't been on the, 'Making a Mark' blog this week you should. Both our blogs got a mention on Katherine's 'who's making a mark this week?'.

  5. The rose hip painting is superb, love the composition and sections and your study pages with all sorts of bits and bobs is so lovely - beautiful feathers! Congratulations on being on the 'Making a Mark' blog... Yipeee! :)) x

  6. Lovely pages Claire. I love the magpie moth, sadly did not see one this year so never had the chance to draw it. It is so nice to put all your finds together, great reminders of the place where you found them and your walk.

  7. Hello Claire. I love looking at your montage of beautiful paintings. They are like little treasure boxes.

    Is that really St. George's Day mushrooms in the second picture? I thought it was the wrong time of year. I understand there is another similar but poisonous species. If you eat any, it might be worth double-checking first.