Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hafod and Hydrangea

I managed to finish this soft pastel painting yesterday which I have had on my large standing easel for 2 months or so.Its a view of a pathway at the Hafod Estate looking into the sun.I'm so glad its now done;it feels good to finish what you started -eventually.I have worked on it a bit more since posting it on Flickr - the shading on the path and more detail in the stones-I tried not to put too much detail in though!

I'd also been working on this hydrangea study in the past week;the beautiful, luminous and fading colours;cool blues and dusky pinks with the umber, lacy, skeletal petals.I love Hydrangeas so much more in Autumn. The pink was Rhodonite by Daniel Smiths - A Primatek watercolour , which is very close to Quinacridone magenta but with a slightly darker,smoky hue.

Have a lovely weekend xxx


  1. Love the painting! And the hydrangea is looking great! xx

  2. Beautiful woodland scene Claire, I love how the shadow of the pine tree stems crosses the path like stairs. Also wonderful hydrangea... I agree with you, they are the most beautiful in autumn, love your beautifully detailed study! Have a great weekend too and have fun looking for the rare mushrooms (can't remember the name and where I read it right now). I look forward to your pictures and studies of them! :)) x

  3. Beautiful work again!
    I like your forest pathway. I would like to make such a painting, but I'm always afraid I don't know were to start and which details aren't important. But when I look at your painting I see it is not very detailed. However, it looks detailed! Great work!
    And the hydrangea is also beautiful. They are more beautiful in autumn. You're right.

  4. thanks for your lovely comments :)
    I couldn't find any rare mushrooms today but went to a beautiful place-Elan valley - I shall blog about it soon