Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Autumn walks and sketches

This last week has been very difficult at work but its looking up now. I managed to get out to the Hafod and Cymystwyth arch woods to take photos,look for mushrooms and recharge energies.
The photo above is from the arch woods; the leaves are not quite autumn coloured yet.

Here's the snaking river Ystwyth at the Hafod estate.

I loved this trail of distant sheep!

Saw so many goldfinches tucking in to the thistle heads;There were many Jays too.

Heres the arch at Cymystwyth- built in 1810. The road used to go underneath but it has been bypassed now,to keep it stable.

Below are some fungi sketches ,just quick drawings with colour notes and written details in one of my sketchbooks.

 These are Hygrocybes from the Hafod fields drawn this week.

These are from this week too found at the arch woods.I'm not sure of the exact species names,just their genus' ,its so difficult to identify the species names.

Heres an old sketch from 2007 at the arch woods too.

Ceps,porcini or penny bun - Boletus edulis to be exact but highly edible; I found these and sketched in 2009,near the Ystwyth valley. They have a great velvety cap and white patterned stipe.

This is a really old drawing,watercolour and pen, a blushing bracket-from 2004 when I first started botanical art.

Lastly an old beech leaf  -  not had much time for the leaf challenge unfortunately.


  1. Marvellous places and funghi too. This year just few porcini in Italy and nothing else. Too hot.

  2. Wonderful funghi Claire - I love the photo of the Arch woods... a work of art too :)

  3. Beautiful photographs Claire - the one of the Arch woods would make a lovely watercolour. Your fungi studies are beautiful too - fascinating subjects. Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. Love your sketch book pages of the toadstools. They are a fascinating subject to draw, must get on with sketching them as they soon decay.
    Your photos are lovely too,nice to find your comment, thank you.