Friday, 30 September 2011

Indian Summer

After cold and autumnal weather last week ,to boiling hot sunshine and blue skies this week. Its a glorious indian summer here in Wales,better weather than it was in the summer!
I've just been catching up with some painting but you can't paint much in beach weather!

I think I've finished the cornflower for my friend-not sure whether to add the single petals or not-might just keep it simple.

Finished this spike in the gladioli painting too.
I think I'll work on a fungi painting for autumn when this is finished.

I started selling greetings cards on my website too-I already sell them from the hotel so thought I'd set it up online, there's a link to my website on the right hand panel of the blog.

Heres my latest colour chart.The colours with the little stars by them are my favourites and so on my palette.I got some M.Graham watercolours which are nice to work with. They stay very moist and so easy to re-wet and the colours are slightly richer than the other brands. M Graham Indian yellow is luscious but see how vibrant scarlet lake by Winsor newton is. I think its nice to have a mix of different paint brands but it can get expensive (and addictive-especially when you see all the colours available from Daniel Smiths!!!) I'll stop buying paints now.


  1. Love the cornflower, stunning! Love your colour chart too - the Schminke Permanent Carmine looks like one I might 'need' :)

  2. Absolutely love the cornflower, what a gem Claire! Also the gladiolus looks amazing, very unusual and beautiful variety! Will have a very good look at your colour chart! I always enjoy your blog updates - they are inspiring and enjoyable to see and read.

  3. Beautiful, ethereal cornflower Claire - stunning as it is! X