Monday, 12 September 2011

Favourite Fungi

I'm working on a botanical painting of Gladiolis at the moment for the end of summer,even though its really feeling like autumn proper.Heres a picture of the Glad so far; it has lovely magenta and lemon yellow petals with magenta edging.Enjoying this but its slow going and must be careful with the shading.

In between work and the Glad' ,I'm doing some leaves for a leaf painting challenge with the botanical art forum on facebook.Its great practise but we're supposed to do 30 leaves in 30 days,I'll never make it!
Heres a couple ;

Birch Leaves

Rosebay Willowherb

As its feeling more like autumn -I'll post some of my favourite fungi pictures too.

Boletus  calopus
I found these amazing mushrooms at the Hafod estate a few years ago.I've never found them again there as where I found them has recently been felled for timber.
I took them home and sketched them straight away.They have a beautiful red and yellow stipe with a net pattern (reticulation) and yellow pores.
Heres the painting of them;

Heres some more fungi photos;

Mossy mushroom with web

Red Hygrocybe


  1. so beautiful, take care,Diana

  2. Lovely fresh, uplifting colours in these works Claire. I particularly like your fungi study - Gorgeous!! Wonderful photos too. Inspiring... x

  3. I'm looking forward to the finish Glad painting. The magenta and yellow petals must be beautiful.

  4. Your paintings always have a lovely luminous quality - the colours are beautiful too.