Sunday, 4 September 2011

Autumn Days

Its starting to feel very autumnal;glowing red and yellow leaves are appearing,with seedpods,mushrooms and blackberries;all brilliant things to paint or draw with plenty of textural possibilities.
I love autumn, especially searching for and painting mushrooms.
I haven't drawn any new mushroom pictures yet this year,even though I have found plenty due to the wet August we've had here in Wales.So I thought I 'd post a few old ones to get ready for autumn days.

These are Amanita species related to fly agaric,the death cap and the destroying angel-I 've never found the extremely poisonous last two. I think the left one is Amanita excelsa (not 100%),in the middle is Amanita rubescens-common name of the blusher due to its flushed stipe-its not poisonous. I'm not sure of the species of the last one.

These colourful mushrooms are all meadow species of Hygrocybe;The pink one is the very rare
Hygrocybe calyptriformis.They only grow in unploughed,unfertilized meadows & pasture but Hygrocybes can be found in graveyards and lawns too;I found this one in an old garden lawn.
They are excellent subjects to paint;the green ones,(the parrots) are quite slimy,so leave a white paper highlight to show this, or perhaps you could use some gum arabic (I didn't here though).

Heres Coprinus comatus,an inkcap.Found some of these this year already.They are edible when fresh.

Heres my favourite,the Amanita muscari or fly agaric.I've already found these this year too.
I've got plenty more mushroom paintings but I'll stop there!!!!


  1. Colourful page Claire - love all the varieties. Some are so pretty - strange how you are coming into Autumn and we are coming into Spring - so nice to see. Beautiful artworks.

  2. These are beautiful. I love shrooms!

  3. Beautiful artwork! I love all the little details.

  4. wow,thanks everyone-your comments mean a lot to me :) I'm chuffed

  5. Beautiful studies Claire - mushrooms are fascinating!! x

  6. Claire These are really breath stopping amazing really love them

  7. Just love the fungi studies Claire. I'm looking forward to doing some too this Autumn.

  8. Possibly one of my favourite subjects. I love your drawings and the attention to detail. You must have so much patience and a good eye.