Monday, 18 July 2011

Orchids updated

Just finished painting the butterfly orchids at the top - its difficult to paint white flowers on a white background but using gentle shades of grey to mould the shape works ok. It was a bit of a struggle though and I thought I'd ruined it at one point (headache).
The orchid flowers underneath are the marsh helleborine; one of the most beautiful british orchids.They have bright magenta stripes and a frilly whitish lower lip that moves back and forwards on a hinge.

Work is very hectic at the moment and I've not managed to get out anywhere unfortunately but I worked up another drawing in pen from a Hafod sketch of Dologau bridge.
I love the ivy trailing down over the rough stones.

Anyway, I hope the weather gets better- Its looks like another dreadful British summer!!!


  1. You create the most beautiful things!

  2. Simply a dream for me that I'm a beginner. Marta

  3. Thank for your appreciation: I've learnes exclusively by myself and I have many many doubts! I see you're member of SBA; well, you think sincerly I can think ( :-) ) to the Distance Course at this level?

  4. yes Marta,your work shows great promise,especially your compositions,let me know if I can help at all