Friday, 8 July 2011

Bees take two

I've finished the bee orchids now.You can really see the 'ducks head' now which holds the pollinia sacs,full of tiny pollen grains.
The delicate pink petals were painted with weak washes of permanent rose and quinacridone magenta (Winsor and Newtons) but to get that real fresh, bright pink I had to use some opera rose-Its the only fugitive paint that I (rarely) use but theres no other colour quite like it to capture those pink hues in some flowers.
As long as the painting stays out of direct or bright sunlight it'll be fine; also they can be framed using UV glass for protection against fading. Most paintings stay in a portfolio folder though not seeing the light of day!

Bye for now..


  1. So talented! beautiful!!!

  2. The Bee Orchid painting is looking fantastic. I see what you mean about the duck! Bee orchids here have produced their seed capsules now, looking like little green airships.

  3. oh excellent,I've never seen the seed capsules before

  4. Beautifully painted, delicate work Claire. :) x

  5. They have such character, love them - great colours too x