Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ynyslas Revisited

I thought I'd post the completed marsh orchid picture that I started a few weeks ago.I added other plants -horsetails and grasses, to the background in graphite pencil to ground it and add to its wildness.The flowers are a little too pink in this picture-they are slightly bluer.

On my previous trip to Ynyslas I saw a lot of common blue butterflies flitting mostly around the birdsfoot trefoil-one of their caterpillars food plants. Heres a study I've completed of them,in watercolour and graphite with a tiny pearlescent shell,of which there were many.
The blues have lovely pink undertones with a blue irridescency and furry bodies.

We finally got a break from the rain the other morning so I went back to Ynyslas to look for Bee orchids -Ophrys apifera,(I'm not obsessed with orchids am I?).
They usually grow in sheltered dunes among the Marram grass here close to the boardwalk but I couldn't find any at all-not one.Apparently they do show up erratically from year to year,so I'm sure they'll be back or I could widen the search.I really hope no one has been picking them.
 The marsh orchids were dying off but there were plenty of the beautiful Pyramidal orchids - Anacamptis pyramidalis among the marram grass and lots of tiny marsh helleborines - Epipactis palustris in the damp dune slacks.

I also found this gold chafer? beetle-if anyone knows what it is I'd love to know!

Lastly heres a photo of the view from the top of the boardwalk.


  1. Ynyslas looks like a beautiful area. I like the way you add pencilled background plants to your main subjects which look very alive. Not sure which chafer that is but it looks like it might be 24 carat.