Saturday, 14 May 2011

Orchids at Ynyslas

Its now mid May and the start of the orchid season at Ynyslas sand dunes to the north of Aberystwyth. The marsh orchids -(Dactylorhiza spp.) are starting to appear in the damp dune slacks, before you get to the sand dunes;we have the early,southern,northern and western marsh orchids all growing and hybridising here. You'll see them with magenta, purple or reddish flowers and leaves with or without blotches. Most don't grow very high as its heavily grazed by rabbits in places.

I sat and sketched this orchid in situ;you can see the blotches on the chewed leaves.

There are plenty of mosses,sedges,horsetails and the strange adders tongue fern or Ophioglossum vulgatum- which is always good to see. I'll do a sketch of this curious fern soon.

Heres a picture of the dunes and Dyfi estuary;a very beautiful place.

While walking back in January,I collected quite a few shells,a mermaids purse and other little objects,like crab shells, on the beach.Heres a sketch of a few of my finds.

I'll revisit Ynyslas in mid June when the Bee and Pyramid orchids should be around-hopefully.
Meanwhile off to work xxxx


  1. Beautiful orchid (and sketch) - marsh orchids are just coming into flower here in Durham too.

  2. thanks Phil,Love orchid hunting!!

  3. Lovely photographs Claire. Your little "finds" sketch is delicately rendered and intriguing too.. I particularly like the little piece at the top right of the page.