Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Disappearing Plant

Recently I've been so busy at work,what with 2 bank holidays ,school holidays and now we've the May ball tomorrow night.(This is a huge event taking place close to the hotel for students to get dressed up,watch bands and get drunk. Arggghh.)But I've found some time to quickly put in this post.

Before it got so busy,I'd been sketching some ladies smock plants that I had in a tub; making detailed preliminary sketches and colour notes. Checking on the plants this morning I noticed how much thinner they'd become,then I saw the caterpillars munching away;they are very camouflaged though . There are 5 of them and pretty soon there won't be much plant left to eat or for me to paint! But it will be definitely interesting to see them pupate.

Hopefully I'll get some time soon to start the painting !


  1. Good luck in your race against the caterpillars Claire... Delightful pics. x

  2. Thanks Hedera,they are growing quick but I seem to have lost a couple!!