Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring sketches

After a very busy day yesterday doing a wedding function at work,including the photos(I only took 500!); I relaxed today with some spring sketches.

Spring is well under way with bluebells out 2 weeks early due to dry weather. I drew some primroses and an orange tip butterfly-one of my favourites. I was chasing them the previous weekend and managed to get some photos of them. I will try to draw some ladies smock- Cardamine pratensis, to go with it.This is one of the flowers that they lay their eggs on along with garlic mustard - Alliaria petiolata, and some other members of the mustard family(crucifers).

I will also post another spring painting that I did a couple of years ago.

Here we have a glistening inkcap mushroom,2 fern crosiers,a violet,

a lesser celandine and some dandelion seeds.

Happy spring xx


  1. Love to see your sketches Claire! Only 500 photos - exhausting trying to work out which to keep and which to delete!!

  2. Lovely, delicate sketches Claire - I like the intimacy of them...

  3. Claire, I am so happy that I found your blog. Your work is very inspiring. I like these spring sketches, The dandelion seeds add such a delicate, almost whimsical touch to the last one.