Thursday, 31 March 2011

Poetic Spring

Crocus botanical study in watercolour.

I went through a stage a few years ago of painting spring flowering bulb studies.I like the details of stamens,buds,seedheads and bulbs that tell the story of the plants life.

I managed to do this Crocus,a snakeshead fritillary,Iris reticulata(sold that one),and bluebell. Yet to do tulip,snow-drop,grape hyacinth,scilla and Narcissus.Anymore?I doubt I'll get around to doing all these though.

Poetry is art in language,so let words paint a picture.

Here is a spring poem for all the mums on mothers day,but especially mine-(we love poetry!).

Spring Flowers

Along the blushing borders bright with dew,

And in yon mingled wilderness of flowers,

Fair-handed spring unbosoms every grace:

Throws out the snow-drop and the crocus first;

The daisy,primrose,violet darkly blue,

And Polyanthus of unnumbered dyes;

The yellow wallflower,stained with iron brown,

And lavish stock that scents the garden round:

From the soft wing of vernal breezes shed,


With shining meal o'er all their velvet leaves;

And full Ranunculas of glowing red.

Then comes the tulip race,where beauty plays

Her idle freaks :from family diffused .

To family,as flies the father-dust,

The varied colours run;and while they break

On the charmed eye,the exulting florist marks,

With secret pride,the wonders of his hand.

No gradual bloom is wanting;from the bud,

First-born of spring,to summer's musky tribes:

Nor hyacinths,deep-purpled;nor jonquils,

Of potent fragrance;nor Narcissus fair,

As o'er the fabled fountain hanging still;

Nor broad carnations,nor spotted pinks;

Nor,showered from every bush,the Damask-rose;

Infinite numbers,delicacies,smells,

With hues on hues expression cannot paint,

The breathe of Nature, and her endless bloom.

James Thomson 1700-1748


  1. Your work is beautiful, so fine and delicate. I think I once visited your flickr pictures. Hope to see your feather drawings.
    I liked seeing all your materials. We just keep on collecting natural objects and know we never have the time to draw everything. Lovely to find your comment, thank you.

  2. thank you so much Milly-I love your blog and I'll try to do some feathers!yes wish there was more time xxx

  3. Your lovely Crocus botanical study is beautifully balanced. :)

  4. I love these, Claire! Studies like this are my favorite. So delicate and detailed. Thanks, too, for your comment on my fabric :)

  5. I am always amazed by your ability to portray nature, Claire! These crosses are wonderful!