Saturday, 26 March 2011

Painted Food - The Chef

I thought I'd post my veg assignment for the SBA diploma course from 2006 for my friends who are doing the course now and waiting for their veg assignment marks. Good luck with the marks, I remember it well, waiting for the marks with anticipation and a bit of dread! 
I am a chef by trade and so am slaving away in the kitchen of my business most nights.It can be a stressful job and the key is not to panic,otherwise the mind goes blank,then you're in trouble.When really busy perceptions change,time slows down and movements speed up;you're riding an adrenaline wave.

Cooking is creative and each plate (hopefully) is an art form;colours and textures to balance of flavours.

I find drawing therapeutic and it is a self medication for stress.

Recently I thought about doing some food pictures.I make a lot of garlic mushrooms at work so I've done some sketches of the ingredients;mushrooms,garlic and parsley. Of course I couldn't paint all the ingredients,just the botanical ones!

Eventually I will do a finished painting of garlic mushrooms and hang it at work if its any good!


  1. So good of you to post Claire, wonderful work!

  2. How interesting to know that you are a chef Claire. Have your botanical studies noticeably influenced the way you plate up?

    Your work has a lovely delicate quality!

  3. Thank you so much xx
    I am conscious of colour on the plate mainly
    -we eat with our eyes first

  4. Very nice drawings of food! I like the mushroom a lot.

  5. Oh I only just discovered this Claire - would you believe it by doing a google search for something else! :)) Love your selection of vegetables... a fantastic painting, makes my mouth water! Thanks for sharing it! :)) x