Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Equipment

I have a vast array of art equipment and materials,which keeps on growing.

This first photo shows various painting and drawing paraphernalia;

My paints are mainly Winsor and Newton in pans and tubes but I have some Sennelier and some Schminke watercolours too .I fill the pans from the tubes as I go.I have some Schminke artists goauche and W/N goauche in tubes. Some of these paints are not very lightfast-the pinks usually.Also here are some FW acrylic inks and I have Atelier interactive acrylics,which dry slower than normal acrylics, but I haven't used them much yet!

In the wooden box is a set of Derwent artists coloured pencils which I don't use very much at all.They are not too good for fine detail.I have a few grey Faber Castell Polychromos that were recommended and they do have a finer point;better for detail.

My watercolour paper ranges from Fabriano classico 5 and Fabriano artistico to Arches hot press,in pads and large sheets. I also have Arches cold press for landscapes.

As a drawing board I use the back of a picture frame which is perfect.
My brushes are various ranging from Da Vinci,and Winsor and Newton to Raphael extra fine tip.

I even have a mini Henry hoover which was a gift though it doesn't work too well!!!

The next picture shows my pastels which range from hard & chalky to soft and creamy.

The Conte and Ashby pastels are hardest and then the Unisons,which are my favourite,and Schminke which are very soft, to use at the end of a painting.

Pastel papers range from tinted Ingres and Sennelier carte to the sanded Fisher 400.

I work on a free standing easel for pastels.

Buying pastels is addictive and can get expensive especially if you like Unisons and Sennelier. I also buy cheap ones from a local art shop to block in at the beginning of a painting to save the expensive ones! I also tried a set of Pan pastels when they first came out but haven't really used them much. A few Derwent and Faber Castell pastel pencils or a charcoal pencil is great for finishing off details.

I thought I'd include a photo of my sketching kit;

This includes a tin of really old watercolour pencils(I've had some of them since school!!),sketch books,a pencil case of drawing pens,various graphite pencils ranging from 4H to 4B and some Derwent Inktense pencils,which are watersoluble.

Also I have a water brush so I don't have to take out pots of water.These are very handy.


  1. Thank you for the very useful insight in to your amazing Art equipment :) mine is slowly increasing too!!! xox

  2. Its addictive is'nt it - I should've added books too-I've got LOADS !!!!

  3. This is wonderful, love seeing your stuff!

  4. Great post.
    What is the large tray that you keep your pastels in please? It looks really good for a lot of different colours and tones etc. with loads of space. I have a four tray wooden box which is really good, but the wood gets really dirty very quickly and it won't come off.
    Thanks, David.

    1. Hi David, it's not a tray but lots of separate food containers, (I'm a caterer so have lots of those little tubs). It's a long time since I've used them at all, but it's great to separate them by colour and tones :) Happy painting