Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Studio

I love to see other artists studios or wherever they work.For ages I used to do the set up/pack up routine on the dining room table;it had a good light source so was fine. But this time last year I got two velux windows fitted into an attic room.Its small but perfectly formed and has That essential sink.It faces north which is just right but working in there last midsummer, the sun managed to shine straight in at such an angle as to burn out my retinas! But here in Wales we don't get too much sun so all is fine! - no only joking ,its beautiful and sunny today.

Unfortunately in winter when it froze then defrosted,one of the windows started to leak and almost ruined some work. Its Ok now ;I bunged it up with loads of tissue paper!

I have loads of nature stuff that I collect while out walking.I've tidyed it up a little as it can get a bit of a mess!! Does anyone else do this? I've got boxes of it!


  1. I also have my own studio in the attic like you! I really like yours, and especially that tray with all the treasures of nature to paint ... I love them! Ciao!

  2. oh thank you Cristina, Ciao xxx

  3. Hello Claire,

    Your studio looks wonderful - very inspiring!! I've also got a collection of bits and pieces just like yours - they're spilling out of their containers, but I can't bear to part with them.

    Have a lovely week :)

  4. Oh yes I have so much I have collected over the years - love it more than man made stuff! It's great to see your attic Claire, can picture you painting there, just wonderful

  5. What a wonderful place to work. Love your treasures from nature.